End of season offer

END of skiseason offer - from 145.-eur/ person/ 3 nights including breakfast

Before springbreak you should be anjoying the last couple of weeks of winter, as the next skiing season will still be 6 months away. Also during this time we are more than happy to welcome you and would love to surprise you with our special offers including your skipasses!

Our "end of season "offer is valud for 18th March to 1st April.

The offers can be booked for 3 to 6 nights including breakfast. You decide on which day the skipass shall start (arrival day, or the day after). Also we are happy to offer you dinner additionally!

Children under the age of 15 ski free if accompanied by at least one parent.


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Details of the offer:

Nights Person Apartment for 2 Apartment for 4 Standard room for 2 Standard room for 2 with balcony Standard room for 4 Standard room for 4 with balcony
3 2 adults 230.-EUR p.p.p.3n. x 200.-EUR p.p.p.3n. 230.-EUR p.p.p.3n. x x
3 4 adults x 215.-EUR p.p.p.3n. x x 200.-EUR p.p.p.3n. 215.-EUR p.p.p.3n.
3 2 adults+ 2 children x 160.-EUR p.p.p.3n. x x 145.-EUR p.p.p.3n. 160.-EUR p.p.p.3n.
4 2 adults 294.-EUR p.p.p.4n. x 254.-EUR p.p.p.4n. 294.-EUR p.p.p.4n. x x
4 4 adults x 274.-EUR p.p.p.4n. x x 254.-EUR p.p.p.4n. 274.-EUR p.p.p.4n.
4 2 adults + 2 children x 207.-EUR p.p.p.4n. x x 187.-EUR p.p.p.4n. 207.-EUR p.p.p.4n.
5 2 adults 377.-EUR p.p.p.5n. x 327.-EUR p.p.p.5n. 377.-EUR p.p.p.5n. x x
5 4 adults x 352.-EUR p.p.p.5n. x x 327.-EUR p.p.p.5n. 352.-EUR p.p.p.5n.
5 2 adults + 2 children x 263,50.-EUR p.p.p.5n. x x 238,50.-EUR p.p.p.5n. 263,50.-EUR p.p.p.5n.
6 2 adults 452,50.-EUR p.p.p.6n. x 392,50.-EUR p.p.p.6n. 452,50.-EUR p.p.p.6n. x x
6 4 adults x 422,50.-EUR p.p.p.6n. x x 392,50.-EUR p.p.p.6n. 422,50.-EUR p.p.p.6n.

2 adults + 2 children

x 316,25.-EUR p.p.p.6n. x x 286,25.-EUR p.p.p.6n. 316,25.-EUR p.p.p.6n.
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